ESMOE Vision

To improve the emergency management of pregnant women and their infants by using a training package for emergency obstetric care that is:

  • Taught to undergraduate students, both medical and nursing,
  • Taught to all interns
    • Signed off prior to registration as a doctor,
    • Training by an accredited trainer
    • Registered and certified
  • Taught to all trainees in obstetrics and gynaecology and paediatrics
  • Taught to all doctors involved in maternal and neonatal care
  • That serves as a basis for fire-drills (simulation training) for all health professionals in all institutions, public and private, offering maternity care
    • these training exercises are documented and
    • they occur as part of the CEO of the institution’s key performance areas.

Perinatal Priorities Conference 2019

Perinatal Priorities 2019

Child Health Priorities Conference 2018

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