Master Trainer for CHC's

The Essential Steps for Managing Obstetric Emergencies (ESMOE) in Community Health Centres (CHCs) and Clinics managing pregnant women in labour is aimed at the health care providers working in those situations, namely the professional nurses (including some advanced midwives and some primary health care nurses) and doctors. The primary objective of this programme is to enable these health care providers to:
  • Recognise the emergency
  • Stabilise the patient
  • And transfer the patient out to the CHC's referral hospital
The transfer will be performed using the Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation (SBAR) Chart. This chart will guide the referring nurse or doctor on what information to give to the referral hospital. Ideally the referral hospital receiving the patient should take down the information also on a SBAR chart. In this way no important information will be lost. The SBAR chart completed in the CHC/Clinic will be put in the patients bed letter and serve as documentation of the condition and time of the transfer. Carbon paper should be used when completing the SBAR Chart and the copy kept as a document in the patients file at the clinic.

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